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PAXonline is an online clinic developed for the prevention and treatment of anxiety disorders, based on recent research in the fields of psychology and cognitive science. PAXonline is the first e-mental health solution developed in Romania. Its services are provided by a group of specialists in psychotherapy from the PAX Center. The users' data are secured with the latest technology of data protection.

PAXonline platform has been developed to offer psychological solutions and resources for three types of users: Patients, Psychotherapists and General Practitioners. PAXonline offers its users:

  • anxiety screening and diagnosis tools;
  • psychoeducation modules and multimedia resources to understand anxiety and its treatment;
  • psychoterapy and personal development programs to overcome anxiety;
  • access to a secured forum to discuss with peers about anxiety problems and treatment;
  • user autonomy, personal control and flexibility.

PAXonline English brochure

If you are looking for a quick presentation of PAXonline platform and the benefits it offers to Patients, Psychotherapists and General practitioners, please consult our English brochure, available freely on the following link (PDF file, opens in new tab):

PAXonline English Brochure: Services and Solutions for Psychologists, Patients, and General practitioners

PAXonline video presentation: "A patient's perspective"

The following video presentation illustrates the PAXonline facilities and resources to which Patients have access once they sign up. The video shows you how a patient navigates through PAXonline. She uses the anxiety screening and diagnosis tools to learn more about her anxiety problems, then she enters the Obsessive-Compulsive Psychotherapy Program and studies the therapeutic modules. The patient learns about OCD from text descriptions, short videoclips and explanatory figures. She then discovers what therapeutic exercises she needs to perform in order to overcome her anxiety. The video also shows how the patient can communicate with her therapist and also with other patients through a forum.

PAXonline pilot study results

PAXonline platform was used experimentally during May-July of 2012 by more than 1100 psychologists, 700 patients and 50 general practitioners. The feedback received from these users were very positive and encouraging. You can access a brief presentation of the results from our pilot study on the following link (PDF file, opens in new tab):

PAXonline pilot study results: Feedback from Psychologists and Patients

PAXonline concept presentation: Screenshots from PAXonline (in English)

PAXonline is currently available only in Romanian. If you are interested in learning more about the facilities and resources that PAXonline offers its users once they sign up, we can send you a free English presentation with screenshots from inside PAXonline platform. Please contact us at secretariat@paxonline.ro.

PAXonline Publications

In the following section you can access freely our publications about PAXonline development, the effects of computer-mediated psychoterapy, e-learning guidelines for e-mental health solutions and other relevant topics.

Miclea, Miclea, Ciuca, & Budau (2010). Computer-mediated psychotherapy. Present and prospects. A developer perspective. Cognition, Brain, Behavior, XIV, 3, 185-208.

Miclea, Ciuca, & Miclea (2009). How to produce e-content for e-mental health solutions. Basic guidelines. Cognition, Brain, Behavior, XIII, 1, 1-9.

Miclea, Miclea, & Ciuca (2008). Computer-supported psychotherapy should pay attention to e-learning. Cognition, Brain, Behavior, XII, 1, 131-139.

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